Would you like to please me?

As real Mistress, I love to be spoiled with small presents. I do not like sweets, do not drink alcohol and I am very choosy anyway. So you can please me with any of the following.

  • white/bright Roses
  • Eau de Parfum „The Beat “ Burberry


I passionately collect books about art, fashion, architecture, design, bondage, vintage eroticism and all sorts of Bizarre. If you make me a gift with one of the following books, you will give me the greatest pleasure:

Nude Art

Possibilities (Vintage Erotica)

Architecture Fin-de-Siècle

Shibaku (Bondage)

Naomi Harukawa (Illustrations)


Les éditions Ostra (Vintage Bizarre)

Tomi Ungerer Incocnito (Art)

Araki Lim. Edit. (Kinbaku Art)

Sweet Gwendoline (Illustrations)

Ren Hang (Nude Art)

Nobuyoshi Araki Lim.Edit.

My Birthday is March 14th


Gifts from far away and access to the member zone:

Would you like to spoil me from afar and give me a present without the need to book an appointment with me? You can buy the following vouchers online and send me an e-mail or let it send to: mail@dshunadivine.ch. After receipt of the voucher, I will gladly leave you a personal member-access (min. amount for member access CHF 250.00). You can find the member zone here: MEMBER


HW Design (Latex)

Crazy Outfits (Leder)

TO.mTO Berlin (Korsett)

Ars Vivendi (Nylons)