Mental guidance as well as a supportive attitude towards personal development does form the basis of my interaction. The following scenarios is giving an insight into my preferences and my style.

My slave training style is idiosyncratic and mind blowing. I lead and shape you with elegance, stric and consequent according to your inclinations. I'll tackle you where you do not expect it. There is no escape. I appreciate your faith as well as your dedication - it's fullfilling me. A profound session can work only by the acceptance of both characters in this power exchange.

I am mainly specialized in long-term sessions. Caging, detention, fixed arrest are possible, as well as the mixing of the black and white area of BDSM  (but not mandatory). Find out about my offer: LONG-TERM PASSION.

I love the whip exceptionally. The leather in my hands, the momentum and the bang ... - all this excites me immensely. The cane has done it to me too. I will punish you by every trick in the book.

I appreciate your faith and your dedication to the world of pain. I will challenge you and you will experience that you can endure more than you know. I know exactly how to lead you to your limits, balancing on them and stretching them without crossing.

The marks on your body are a gift that you can wear with pride.

As well as a passionate active Flag-Mistress with a lot of experiences I do use common instruments such as tawses, paddles, singletails, belt whips and canes. Also historical tools such as carpet beater, wooden spoons, ruler, hairbrush etc.

You find here a discipline-training of the conventional kind. This can be a part of a classic slave training or in the form of an English Vice etc. As usual, your behavior will be strictly tested and disciplined with focus on flagellation, spanking, bastonade. I can be your


  • Educator
  • Governess
  • Teacher
  • Director of Reformatory
  • Headmistress

Are you a distracted villain with big mouth? I'll wash it out with soap. Punishment and penalties are among the most common corrective measures which I carry out on my pupils. 

I am uncompromising and very strict. I am able to get all the informations out of you. I can assure you that I have my methods. I am artful, clever and consequent and far superior to you.

A good interrogation works only with an active interested opponent. Interrogations with weapons which can not be used (such as gun or knife) are not in my interest. These are my characters:

  • Justice
  • Prison Ward
  • Headmistress
  • Captain
  • Director of the Institution
  • Director of the Department of Correction

I’m a Bondage-Artist with a lot of experience. This is a promise for an unique event. I will tie you up tight and enclose you very slowly and consequent. On this trip into the absolutely motionlessness. Let it go! I love to tie agile and resilient victims with hemp or jute ropes with the Shibari-Technique.

For  epicures and bondage-victims with a lot of endurance I do recommend a long-term experience:

Bondage Trap
  • Bondage in all Variations
  • Shibari & Bamboo
  • American Bondage
  • Suspension Bondage
  • Cotton Ropes
  • Jute Ropes
  • Stockings & Silk Foulards
  • Clingwrap
  • Leather Straps
  • Mummification
  • Iron-, Steel- and Chain Discipline
  • Sensory Deprivation & Restriction
  • Monohandgloves
  • Formal Curtsy
  • Supsension Leather Harness
  • Hold in tied Positions
  • Restrictive on the Slave Chair
  • Living Furniture
  • Respiratory Therapie & Breath Control in div. Variations
  • Confined in the Cage



You should know that my highest passion in the bizarre clinic belongs to the needles. It makes me happy if you have a strong masochistic side. 


But also patients who need a thorough urological examination and possibly a clean enema beforehand are very important to me.


For detailed information, visit the specially created medical fetish page BDSM-Klinik

I expect you to apply properly according to AUDIENCE. I will create a profile of you. I will not take a wishlist or any instructions from you. However, for specific roleplay scenarios or bondage situations I am open to receive max. 2 keywords or pictures additional to your application.

  • Intimate Contact
  • Barefoot-erotic
  • Wrestling
  • Strap-on
  • Fisting
  • Caviar
  • Dirty Talk
  • Extremly Dirty Games
  • Infantilism
  • Zoophilism
  • Pet Play
  • Blackmail
  • Alcohol & Drugs