Your Leather Mistress

One of my big fetishes is leather. Feeling the tanned material in my hands or on my body fills me with deep well-being and flatters my senses.


Are you my whining boot jack or the devoted lover of my leather high heels ...? Both scenarios I do enjoy to the fullest. My fetish education will rob all of your senses. Restrictive with a hint of sadism and a smile on my face, I will lead and seduce you. I am your Femme Fatale in leather.


Whether in the leather straitjacket or the restrictive armwarmers, you will be wrapped in leather as my favorite object. I will make you into my leather slave in combination with my other preferences ... - are you ready? Then apply under AUDIENCE!


I am currently working on a design for my new leather outfit. Do you want to see it? It should be ready in mid-December! STAY TUNED!