Rules & Standards for Slave Training

I expect my slaves to properly observe the Rules, and value good behavior. I have compiled these Rules & Standartds so that you may be fully aware of what I expect from you. Classical slave training implies consistent application of these Rules.


Rule # 1

I will serve and obey my Mistress.

Rule # 2

I will always behave with humility and submission towards my Mistress.

Rule # 3

I honor my Mistress's person, her thoughts and her body.

Rule # 4

Through my Mistress I will receive the capacity to be her good slave.

Rule # 5

I will always behave as befits a slave to my Mistress.

Rule # 6

I realize that I can never fully meet the high demands of my Mistress. Nevertheless I shall strive with all my might and at all times to attain this goal.

Rule # 7

The Mistress may punish me at her discretion.

Rule # 8

I understand that punishment is a means of educating me to be a better slave, and shall therefore experience each punishment as being an essential aid to my education.

Rule # 9

I shall humbly accept any punishment inflicted upon me. If the punishment requires me to carry out any tasks, I shall perform these with alacrity.

Rule # 10

I shall do everything to ensure that my body remains fit as the property of my Mistress. I shall pay attention to proper diet, to health and to sufficient exercise. I shall look after my body and do everything to present it as attractively as possible. My body should always be a delight to the eyes of my Mistress.

Rule # 11

I shall never address my Mistress without being invited to do so or express any opinions. Should I have a valid reason to address my Mistress, I shall obtain her permission to do so. I shall respond truthfully to any questions. Rule

# 12

As a good slave I am an ornament for my Mistress, on which she can rest her eyes with pride. A good slave is never a burden. Thus I shall always behave in such a way that my education shows my Mistress in her best light.

Rule # 13

My behavior in society will expose neither me nor my Mistress. Nevertheless, I shall try in society always to indicate to my Mistress that I am a slave.

Rule # 14

I should treat other dominant persons with respect, but serve them only if expressly ordered to do so by my Mistress.