Integral BDSM

The search for certainty blocks the search for meaning.
Uncertainty is the real condition in which humanity
is driven to develop its powers.

(Erich Fromm)

Integral BDSM means, the human being is seen as a whole. It's about creating a connection in which the other person is "seen". It is known that I pay close attention to a certain application process. This is done very deliberately in order to be able to create a profile of my counterpart.

With my holistic way of thinking, it is possible for me to recognize connections. To accept them without wanting to hold onto them. Thus, every session becomes a creation that is shaped out of the moment. Not only in the erotic sense, but also as an interactive work of art, the form of which is found through the development of forces. There is no goal, no end point. Only the Here and Now counts.

This works especially when the parties are aware of their role. When they can let go and are ready to sink into the common encounter and to show themselves in it. In doing so, I keep a safe space with responsibly and integrity.

The coaching aspect has always found a way into my sessions. This is driven by my need to create a constructive BDSM. In order to underpin my intuitive skills with in-depth knowledge, I completed my training as an integral coach in 2021.