I love the whip exceptionally. The leather in my hands, the momentum and the bang ... - all this excites me immensely. The cane has done it to me too. I will punish you by every trick in the book.

I appreciate your faith and your dedication to the world of pain. I will challenge you and you will experience that you can endure more than you know. I know exactly how to lead you to your limits, balancing on them and stretching them without crossing.

The marks on your body are a gift that you can wear with pride.



As well as a passionate active Flag-Mistress with a lot of experiences I do use common instruments such as tawses, paddles, singletails, belt whips and canes. Also historical tools such as carpet beater, wooden spoons, ruler, hairbrush etc.

Nostalgic School Education

You find here a discipline-training of the conventional kind. This can be a part of a classic slave training or in the form of an English Vice or even militant education. As usual, your behavior will be strictly tested and disciplined with focus on flagellation, spanking, bastonade. I can be your

  • Educator
  • Governess
  • Teacher
  • Director of Reformatory
  • Headmistress
  • Director
  • militant Ward

Are you a distracted villain with big mouth? I'll wash it out with soap. Punishment and penalties are among the most common corrective measures which I carry out on my pupils. 

As already mentioned several times, I reject fixed scripts. However, I am open to roleplaying as mentioned above. I am happy to receive your imagination in a few keywords or a few pictures. This is how I create our session in combination with my naturally dominant style.

See as well the special offer: Flag-Club Divine - the punishment!