Slave Training

I am your mistress, sophisticated, strict and consequent. I will lead and form you according to your tendencies. Years of experience have sharpened my skill to look into your soul. You can’t fool me, believe me slave! I  know exactely what you need and I am aware of your human abysses.

Don’t be afraid, I will take care of you. I am a authentic Swiss Domina which enjoys to see you kneeling. Trust me - follow me and be my slave.

To be caged, imprisoned or arrested is possible. Also the mixing of black and white areas (but not necessarily). Get informed about my offer for the LONG-TERM PASSION.

I expect you to apply properly for an AUDIENCE. I will create a profile of you. I will not take a wishlist or any instructions from you but of course I will combine your preferences with mine. Find out about my profile under PASSION and read RULES & STANDARDS.

See also the consequent 24h special: REFORMATORY 24