Slave Training

My slave training style is idiosyncratic and mindblowing. I lead and shape you with elegance, stric and consequent according to your inclinations. I'll tackle you where you do not expect it. There is no escape. I appreciate your faith as well as your dedication - it's fullfilling me. A profound session can work only by the acceptance of both characters in this power exchang.

I am mainly specialized in long-term sessions. Caging, detention, fixed arrest are possible, as well as the mixing of the black and white area of BDSM  (but not mandatory). Find out about my offer: LONG-TERM PASSION.

I expect you to apply properly for an AUDIENCE. I will create a profile of you. I will not take a wishlist or any instructions from you but of course I will combine your preferences with mine. I have a lot of experience and I will change the nature of your reality completely.


Slave Contract - 24/7

You have the opportunity to apply for a slave contract 24/7. But I want to get to know you first. I expect you to be solvent and visit me regularly. After a 3-month probationary period, you may inform me about your request. Then you get more information from me on the subject.


Strive for my favor slave, show me your appreciation! Then I'll think about it, if I want to enter into this commitment. If so, you will not regret it.