Androgynous transformation

The gender game can begin! I love the fusion of male and female, creating the "androgynous transformation". High heels, stockings, corsets and accessories should not be missed. A mask as a supplement takes your identity completely. After that I will continue to shape you ...

In this androgynous look all possible scenarios are feasible. Here some examples:
  • English Vice (Victorian Education)
  • Nostalgic School Education
  • Houskeeping School
  • Slave Education
  • Prison Scenarios
  • HighHeel Training
  • Sexdoll - Sissy-Training
  • Bondage Trap
  • ...

Crossdresser (Lingerie Lovers) are welcome and are happy to bring their own wardrobe.

I expect you to apply in an exemplary manner according to AUDIENCE and get involved in a meeting. You can trust me. According to your profile, I create our session. Your taboos are always 100% respected. However, I am very strict about given sessions and scripts. That does not appeal to me.

Trust me - follow me ... - I'll take care of you!

What I don`t like
  • make up, styling and coffee chat in the Boudoir
  • classical b/w vinil dress
  • basically garish clothes / lingerie
  • TV-whore education
  • dirty talk