Behind Iron Bars: coming soon…

This ist the unique Jail-Special of the INSTITUT DIVINE – Department Penitentiary!

After a statement of facts the court decided to send you in prison of the Institute Divine. You’re lucky because this is a high-level-jail. Nevertheless you will go through all prison internal regulations which are:

  • Briefing and Check-in
  • Convict Suit
  • Cell Inspections
  • Solitary confinement
  • Persevere in the Cell
  • Fixierung
  • little dirty tricks
  • Inspection of the Prison Guard or the Directress
  • Interrogation if necessary

The intensity can be adapted to your needs. Taboos will be considered 100 %.

Short inprisonment: 6 h (incl. 1 1/2 active time) – CHF 1’100.-

Daytime inprisonment: 12 h (incl. 2 active time) – CHF 1’500.-

Long inprisonment: 24 h (incl. 2 active time) – CHF 2’000.-

During your stay in prison you will get the meals served in prison. Please let us know if you are a person suffering from an allergy or if you are vegetarian/vegan. No group education.

The above mentioned special can’t  be combined together with another Long-Term-Offer. If you prefer a more personal session which suits you, I can recommend you the LONG-TERM PASSION.