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BEHIND IRON BARS Vol. 2 – NEW with prison guard KINKY LUNA

Coming implementation: October 15th – 19th 2019 – appointments available!

Tues. October 15th – imprisonment possible at 5pm

Wed. October 16th – fully booked

Thurs. October 17th – fully booked

Fr. October 18th – imprisonment possible at 1pm

Sat. October 19th 2019 – fully booked

This is the unique prison scenario with the consequent director Dshuna Divine and the established, playful, but not to be underestimated guard Kinky Luna.

According to proven facts, the High Court sentenced you to prison term. You will receive the punishment order. After that you have to appear punctually for instruction in the penitentiary INSTITUT DIVINE.

What you can not guess, you will notice soon after your entrance. You have not heard or read about this particular prison before. Various machinations are practiced in secret by the extraordinary Matriachat prevailing here!

Will you ever escape from this shadow world? Who knows? It is certain that you have to undergo various treatments according to prison rules. The following is waiting for you:

  • Briefing and Check-in
  • Interrogation if necessary
  • Convict Suit
  • Solitary confinement
  • Persevere in the Cell
  • Fixation
  • punishmend restriction / bondage
  • little dirty tricks
  • Inspection of the Prison Guard or the Directress
  • Cell Inspections
  • various services

The intensity can be adapted to your needs. Taboos will be considered 100%.

Short inprisonment:
6h – CHF 1’800.-


Daytime inprisonment:
12h – CHF 2’500.-


Long inprisonment:
24h – CHF 2’800.-

In any case, you have to apply according to AUDIENCE. Truthful and complete information is expected. If you are already a slave, delinquent or convict of the Headmistress Dshuna Divine, then a short letter with request for admission including an appointment proposal is sufficient.

During your stay in prison you will get the meals served in prison. Please let us know if you are a person suffering from an allergy or if you are vegetarian/vegan. No group education – descret & private.