Coming implementation: December 3rd – 7th 2019 – appointments available!

(Dec. 6th & 7th 2019 are fully booked already)

last appointments in Berlin!

BERLIN at Domina Studio Lux

last possibilities to get an appointment: Oct. 19 23rd / 24th / 25th

I do expect your early application according my website!

fast komplett ausgebucht!

Das Special HINTER GITTERN im Oktober (letzte Ausführung im 2019) ist fast komplett ausgebucht.

Di. 15. Oktober 2019 – Inhaftierung ab 17Uhr möglich

Mi. 16. Oktober 2019 – ausgebucht

Do. 17. Oktober 2019 – ausgebucht

Fr. 18. Oktober 2019 – Inhaftierung ab 13Uhr möglich

Sa. 19. Oktober 2019 – ausgebucht

Dies ist deine letzte Chance! Melde dich unverzüglich! >>>


The brand new version of the prison special will take your breath away. Will you ever escape from this shadow world? Who knows? It is certain that you have to undergo various treatments according to prison rules.

Specialprice from October 15th – 19th 2019

get in touch immediately!


Coming implementation: October 1st. – 6th 2019 – appointments are available!

(Oct. 3rd & 5th are fully booked already)



Go outside and smell the autumn – come in and smell me!

Appointments in my private Dungeon are possible until October 18th 2019. Then again from October 29th 2019.

Laisser faire!

PS: die Herrin ist zwischen 22. – 27. August 2019 nicht erreichbar!

Berlin Audience

Informations in English about my audience in Berlin are online now!