Do you want to know more about me? The access to my member zone is easy to acquire. See the PayPal buttons below on the right.

After a session my slaves and patients receive their personal access code by email. This is valid for lifetime! Here’s what you will find:

Rules & Standards

I expect my slaves to properly observe the Rules, and value good behavior. Classical slave training implies consistent application of these Rules.

Would you like to please me?

As real Mistress, I love to be spoiled with small presents. So you can please me with any of my private list in the member zone. My birthday is March 14h.

Gallery Divine

A virtual picture hall of the Matriarch!

Session Impressions

Stylish authentic snapshots from my sessions.

Letters & Session Reports (mostly written in German)

Letters which describe sessions with slaves. No names are published. In agreement a pseudonym can be chosen. Use google translater.

Lexicon bizarre (in German only)

An ever-growing encyclopedia and my personal attitude concerning the respective topics.


Individual pictures of me, which you can set up as desktop background.


To get a Lifetime Member

Admirer and slaves who cannot visit me, have the possibility to get a personal Lifetime-Member-Access for CHF 250.- only. The payment can be done by credit-card or paypal. Please simply click the button. After receiving your payment, including e-mail-adress, you will receive your personal-member-code within 24 hours. Please be patient during weekends and holidays.