The member-zone is opened for my guests and slaves. The access works through a member code, which will be generated by my system after a session and sent by e-mail. The code is personal and valid for 12 month.

The access to the MemberZone is lifetime! Please see below what you can find in the member-zone:


Many pictures of me, which you cannot find in the public gallery.

March 2019: new gallery Dark Sensuality

Session Impressions

Absolutely new! This additional page was added in May 2019 to the member zone. Stylish authentic snapshots from my sessions. Regularly upload!


Individual pictures of me, which you can set up as desktop background.

Letters & Session Reports (in German only)

Letters which describe sessions with slaves. No names are published. In agreement a pseudonym can be chosen.

Update Dezember 2018 – 3 Letters:

“Macht in Leder” / “Flagellanten-Kurs mit Lady C. & Saugof P.” / “Kursproband Sadistische Praktiken”

Lexicon bizarre (in German only)

An ever-growing encyclopedia and my personal attitude concerning the respective topics.


to get a lifetime member

If admirer and slaves want to know more about me, they have the possibility to get a personal Lifetime-Member-Access by paying CHF 250.- (until June 21st 2019 CHF 150.- only). The payment can be done by credit-card or paypal. Please simply click the button. After receiving your payment, including e-mail-adress, you will receive your personal-member-code within 24 hours. Please be patient during weekends and holidays.

You may also follow my account of

  • same pictures as on the Member Galerie & some exclusive pics
  • daily upload
  • monthly subscribtion $14.95 only / special offer for May 2019 = $9.85 only!
  • more is going to come… stay tuned!

There you will find the same as on the Member Gallery. Monthly subsrcibtion for $14.95 only.

(Please note on you will not see letters, wallpapers, lexica – this is exclusive to find here on the private MemberZone)