The member-zone is opened for my guests and slaves. The access works through a member code, which will be generated by my system after a session and sent by e-mail. The code is personal and valid for 12 month.

Please see below what you can find in the member-zone:


Many pictures of me, which you cannot find in the public gallery.

March 2019: new gallery Dark Sensuality


Individual pictures of me, which you can set up as desktop background.

Letters & Session Reports (in German only)

Letters which describe sessions with slaves. No names are published. In agreement a pseudonym can be chosen.

Update Dezember 2018 – 3 Letters:

“Macht in Leder” / “Flagellanten-Kurs mit Lady C. & Saugof P.” / “Kursproband Sadistische Praktiken”

Lexicon bizarre (in German only)

An ever-growing encyclopedia and my personal attitude concerning the respective topics.


to get a member

If admirer and slaves want to know more about me, they have the possibility to get a Personal-Member-Access by paying CHF 150.-. The payment can be done by credit-card or paypal. Please simply click the button. After receiving your payment, including e-mail-adress, you will receive your personal-member-code within 24 hours. Please be patient during weekends and holidays.