Fall Break

I’m on the fall break until October 24th and won’t be answering any emails. I want to recover so that I can be fully there for you again afterwards. GOOD BYE 🙂

Integral BDSM

The search for certainty blocks the search for meaning.
Uncertainty is the real condition in which humanity
is driven to develop its powers.

(Erich Fromm)

Do you want to know more about it? Then follow this link INTEGRAL.

Medical Fetish II

Impressions of a great medical fetish session uploaded!

Medical Fetish

Impressions of a great medical fetish session activated!


I am on holiday August 1st – 9th.

Special Program for Members

The following long-term program will be offered from August 10th to 13th at a special price exclusively for members.


I am on holiday August 1st – 9th.

Lots of pictures and information in the member zone

I give more space to the exclusivity of myself. The rules and regulations, such as my private list of gifts, with which you can please me, can now be found in the member zone. All galleries such as a new gallery > BDSM clinic for real clinic fetishists were also activated there.

Vaccinated and ready for Holistic BDSM Sessions

I got the 2nd vaccination this week and am ready to welcome my slaves and delinquents again!


After almost 20 years of experience, Integral BDSM is the right form for me to constructively dive into the depths of the bizarre world of extradition, pain, arousal, etc. My natural way to lead people and also to empower them have shaped me into the classic Mistress that I am today.

Integral BDSM = encounters in relation to the different levels of body – mind – feeling – soul – systems – consciousness. You could also call it Holistic BDSM.


In the future I will be even more strict with the selection of new slaves and delinquents. This in order to maintain my authenticity and of course also to be able to give the coaching aspect more space in my sessions.


That means, in order to really be able to immerse myself on a personal level, I only offer sessions of at least 2 hours +. I recommend submitting an application early because I create max. 2 sessions per week.