Mistress Dshuna - Sadistic Femme Fatale

My name is Domina Dshuna Divine - some call me a goddess - I’m certainly charismatic, intelligent, sophisticated and dominant. My name stands for a modern, authentic and high-class Swiss Domina with lots of experience and empathic qualities. I appreciate your good manners such as observance of rules. I will welcome you in my stylish private residence INSTITUT DIVINE surrounded by my unique aura.

My main passion has always been bondage in all its diversity. As a passionate flagellant, I also love the whip & cane and the drill of a nostalgic school education. If you have the courage to follow me into an intensive needle session, it will be my highlight of the day or even the week.

You face a true diva with a sadistic heart and a diabolic smile. I am sensitive but dominant, friendly but sublime, sensual but tough, patient but very direct, understanding but also consequent. You should know that every encounter with me takes place on a personal level. I expect you to engage to me on this level because I do agree to you too

According to your application, I create a profile of you and design our session accordingly. Fixed predefined processes like screenplays or wishlists do not appeal to me. You can trust me, I have many years of experience and will lead you safely into my world through our bizarre or sadistic adventure together.

If kept in bulk, I am open to inspiration in the form of pictures or key words and let them flow into the session if appropriate. Your taboos are always 100% observed. Mutual trust is the basis for a successful session.

Languages: Swiss German, High German, English