Frequently Asked Questions, kurz FAQ = englisch für häufig gestellte Fragen - which I like to answer here.

No - I can only be reached by email.

You should know that I strive for absolute authenticity and therefore do not offer a preliminary talk on site.


I have a lot of experience clarifying everything in advance by email. So I have enough time to prepare for our session and possibly give you a little task in advance.


I am highly empathetic and know exactly what I am doing. I determine from the first moment how you have to meet me. If there is any uncertainty on my part, I will subject you to a brief interrogation. If you want to add something from your side, you can inform me after you say hello that you forgot to mention something.


This style is characteristic of my work as a professional Mistress and has been crowned with success for many years. This includes of course, that you accept my guidelines unconditionally.

My many years of experience let me see in your application whether we are a good match. I see this, for example, in the style of the application. Is it addressed to me personally? Has the applicant read my website and respected my taboos and my rules? Do I get correspondence with complete connected sentences etc.?


You can briefly summarize the list of the information I want in keywords. But in clear words so that I can get an idea of ​​you. The statement, „I know everything in the black area“ or „I have a lot of experience …“ is insufficient and says nothing about you, except possibly that you do not take me seriously or that you do not want to or cannot communicate. Nevertheless, I want precise information about you in your application, so I’ll create a profile of you and prepare our session.

My offer cannot be booked by everyone. The motto „the customer determines“ does not resonate here. Silent connoisseurs or masochists who want an encounter at eye level are hereby requested to book their session elsewhere.


Regular guests can make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Whether I still have time is more a matter of luck. Please note that I also rent out my residence to other people. So I recommend inquiring at least 5 - 7 days in advance. Many sessions, especially those from guests from abroad, are booked 1 to 2 months in advance.


New slaves must apply at least 2 weeks before the session. When everything has been clarified and both parties agree to the arrangement, the session is confirmed (literally) and is binding from that moment on. A deposit of 50% must be made within 24 hours, via PayPal/credit card or e-banking/IBAN.


A min. 50% deposit shows me that you are serious about coming into a session and not just wasting my time. This is a sign of respect towards me and also a financial security. I am a Mistress with all my heart, but I also earn my living with it. This job is very expensive and everyone who knows me, knows that meeting me is something unique. Quality has its price and you won’t regret it.


Of course, in the event of a verifiable emergency such as accident, illness, etc., half of the deposit for a session can be postponed to another day. However, this session should be booked in Berlin within 6 months. I thank you for your understanding.

Reasons for this could be that you did not write to me personally. Or you may have added vulgar pictures of your gender. Or maybe you asked me about drugs or other taboos on my part. Or you sent me an email with only 2-3 sentences thrown out. In such cases, I delete the incoming email immediately.


Please read the AUDIENCE chapter on my website and apply as requested. Then you will usually get an answer.


Of course it could be that your request ended up in spam also. In any case, ask if you have written a complete application and still cannot find an answer from me in your inbox after 2 days. Because in this case it would be a real shame if I couldn't read it.

Um in die Tiefe gehen zu können bevorzuge 1:1 Session mit meinen Subjekten. Mit meinem Konzept des Integralen BDSM erübrigt es sich, eine weitere Person in die Session einzubeziehen.




Integral BDSM: implementation of scenarios in relation to the different levels of body – mind – feeling – soul – systems – consciousness. You could also call it Holistic BDSM.


Basically, my aim is to practice constructive BDSM. This means to motivate slaves to get the best out of themselves instead of destroying them. This requires an encounter on a personal level in which I will lead you as your mistress, your coach through all the ups and downs.


Basically, my aim is to practice constructive BDSM. This means to motivate slaves to get the best out of themselves instead of destroying them. This requires an encounter on a personal level in which I will lead you as your mistress, your coach through all the ups and downs.


Nonetheless, I expect my rules to be obeyed. I do not accept „topping from the bottom“.


No, I’m not your doll. I have no sympathy for men who present me with clothing requests as such. It’s clearly rude to tell me what to wear. Even if it is written in polite form.


When I ask you about your fetishes, I mean your material fetish. Such as leather, nylon etc. and also your wardrobe in case there are specific fetishes involved.



No, of course you can't. Trust creates intimacy. So it is normal for us to get closer in the session. But that doesn't change anything about the power exchange that I celebrate. I will always be your Mistress, or Doctor or your Madame etc.

I've tried various forms of body slavery, 24/7, etc. over the past 20 years and it hasn't been really fulfilling for me during the time. So I decided not to offer the implementation of this fantasy anymore.



Of course I take on a service slave every now and then. This for doing small tasks, cleaning, shootings, chauffeur (Berlin) etc. But I'm very picky about that too.

Basically I am not a Findom. Constructive BDSM is fundamental to my interaction. That means blackmailing, wild insults and public exposures or other common practices on the subject are repugnant to me.


Of course I accept gifts or money without consideration, because as a matriarch & diva I enjoy being spoiled. In fact, I have a few slaves around who give me presents on a regular basis. This as a token of their admiration (sometimes only from a distance ...) or out of gratitude ...


If you want to give me a present, get a MEMBER access and look under the chapter PRESENTS.