Are you looking for a reputable Pro Domme with many years of experience? A personal encounter with an authentic Mistress? Then you are right here! The following scenarios is giving an insight into my preferences and my style:

Leather Mistress - Slave Training

The style of my slave training unconventional and mindblowing. I lead and shape you with elegance, strict and consequent according to your inclinations. I'll tackle you where you do not expect it...>>>

Flagellation - Caning - Discipline - Nostalgic School Education

I love the whip exceptionally. The leather in my hands, the momentum and the bang ... - all this is exciting me immensely. The cane has done it to me too. I will punish you according to all the rules of art ...>>>

Interrogation - Military/Prison Drill

I am uncompromising and very strict. I am able to get all the informations out of you. I can assure you that I have my methods. I am artful, clever and consequent and far superior to you. ...>>>

Bondage: Japan - Americani - Shibari - Suspension - NIRU

I’m a Bondage-Artist with a lot of experience. This is a promise for an unique event. I will tie you up tight and enclose you very slowly and consequent. On this trip into the absolutely motionlessness you can feel my breathtaking sensuality and much more... ...>>>

Latex - Heavy Rubber Disciplin

Latex - shiny, exciting, infinitely bizarre ... You - my rubber object, wrapped & enclosed in the material with an unmistakable smell, full of devotion, delivered to my lust ...>>>

Androgynous Transformation

The gender game can begin! I love the fusion of male and female, creating the "androgynous transformation". High heels, stockings, corsets and accessories should not be missed. A mask as a supplement takes your identity completely. After that, I will continue to shape you ...>>>

Clinic / Medical BDSM

You should know that my highest passion in the bizarre clinic are the needles and other sadistic practices. To remain fixed and delivered on the chair or the operating table, plus an urgent urological examination ... you will experience new dimensions of the medical fetish...>>>

  • Mummification


  • Iron-, Steel- and Chain Discipline


  • Sensory Deprivation & Restriction


  • Humiliation & Degradation


  • Psychological Control


  • Chastity


  • Electrotherapy from Soft to Hard


  • Pain Trainig: CBT, NT, Fullbody


  • Needles, Injections, Sewing, Piercing


  • Catheters & Enemas


  • Respiratory Therapie & Breath Control in div. Variations


  • Golden Shower Force Feeding


  • Diabolic Fetish-Training: Leather, Corset, Boots, Fur, Silk, Wool, Nylons, Pantyhose


  • BDSM Coaching & personality development





  • Intimate Contact
  • Barefoot-erotic
  • Wrestling
  • Caviar
  • Dirty Talk
  • Extremly Dirty Games
  • Infantilism
  • Zoophilism
  • Pet Play
  • Blackmail
  • Alcohol & Drugs